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How to file a complaint

The Complaint Process:

What are the steps involved in making a complaint to us?



What types of complaints the Ombudsman CAN investigate?

The Ombudsman wields investigatory powers in a wide range of situations relating to government services, some of which include:

  • Failure to perform statutory functions related to the maintenance of roads and drains (on the part of local government authorities)
  • Inaccurate record keeping (affecting the issuance of Birth Certificates, Passports, Pensions payments)
  • Complaints of undue delay in the processing of payment of severance and other benefits (NIS benefits, Senior Citizens’ Grant, Public Assistance)
  • Complaints with respect to the delay in granting residential and agricultural leases (re: state lands)
  • Failure of the Local Health Authority to alleviate public nuisances in residential areas
  • Delay in the payment of compensation for the compulsory acquisition of land

see: Functions of the Ombudsman: Section 93(1)

What types of complaints the Ombudsman CANNOT investigate?

The Ombudsman may not investigate the following matters, among others:-

  • Disputes between private individuals/companies
  • Any matter related to persons who are members of armed services, with regard to their terms and conditions, orders or punishments
  • Personnel matters related to service in any office or employment in the public service.
  • Proceedings and decisions of the Courts of Trinidad and Tobago.
  • Matters related to contractual or environmental transactions with a Government department

How can the Public Sector help the Office of the Ombudsman?

The principle aim of the Office of the Ombudsman is to help people resolve their problems effectively. The full cooperation of Public Officers is required if this objective is to be achieved.  Public Service is a public trust requiring employees to strictly uphold the Constitution and the Laws of Trinidad and Tobago. Public Officers are responsible for performing their jobs in a manner that assures the delivery of effective public service. They are obliged to ensure that the Ombudsman is provided at all times with the necessary assistance and cooperation for the effective discharge of her constitutional duties. As part of their obligation, they should respond promptly to requests for information, and take the appropriate remedial action to resolve complaints in a timely fashion.

Make a Complaint Now


Submit complaint via email, fax, letter or by visiting the office–

If you are making a complaint by email, fax or letter, please include the following information:

  • Your personal details, including your mailing address
  • A copy of a valid form of identification (National ID, Driver’s Permit, Passport)
  • Information about the complaint, such as the government department being complained about; its location; the steps you have taken to taken to date in resolving the matter
  • Copies of correspondence/documents relating to the complaint, if available

You can make your complaint by:


  • Port of Spain: (868) 625-0717
  • San Fernando: (868) 652-0404
  • Scarborough: (868) 639-1303


  • Port of Spain: (868) 624-3121-4
  • San Fernando: (868) 652-6786
  • Scarborough: (868) 639-1302